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Garage Organization & Safety Tips in Spring Cleaning

Spring is the time of yearning for fresh starts, and most of us begin by organizing our homes. Spring cleaning is a well-known concept, involving everything from scrubbing the floors to brushing off the cobwebs on our bookcases. But the garage is one place in the house that most people rarely think about.

Garages have several purposes beyond only housing your cars or serving as places to store valuables. The garage is now typically the main entrance to a home for most homeowners. Keep your garage tidy to avoid trip hazards, deter animals, and safeguard your garage's most important component—the garage door.

Garage Door Repair in Scottsdale Arizona

Although these ideas may seem daunting at first, Fast Tech Garage Door's team of garage door repair experts has put them together to help! Here are some ideas for optimising your garage's organization as well as some extra safety advice:

Sort Out Your Garage’s Storage Items

One in three American houses, according to a Sightline Institute research, does not keep their automobile in the garage. The garage is simply too crowded with items to accommodate their car, which is the cause.

Certain treasures, like tools or sports equipment that is regularly used or family heirlooms, should always be kept, but since they are kept in the garage, other objects might not have been given much care. Here is how to fix the issue if this describes your circumstances.

  • Allocate a day or a weekend to thoroughly inspect your garage: How much time you spend on this process will depend on how much items your garage houses.

  • Make sure every member of your family contributes so that everyone has a voice in what is given, tossed, or saved. Having assistance can not only speed up the process but also prevent valuables from being inadvertently thrown away.

  • Ensure that you thoroughly inspect everything, even the boxes you didn't open when you moved in: These can occasionally contain priceless family heirlooms or things you forgot you owned that can be thrown away or given.

Quick Tech Garage Door Advice: Determining What to Donate or Sell

Many people find it difficult to choose which things they can properly donate, sell, or throw away. When deciding what to donate or sell from your tech garage, it's crucial to assess the usability, condition, and relevance of each item. Start by evaluating whether the tech gadgets or tools are still functional and meet your current needs. Consider whether you have upgraded to newer models or if the items have become obsolete. If the technology is still in good working condition but no longer serves your purposes, donating it to local charities, schools, or community centers can be a meaningful way to give back. On the other hand, if the items are in excellent condition and hold value, selling them through online platforms or tech marketplaces can provide you with extra cash while offering others the opportunity to acquire quality equipment. Clearing out your tech garage with a mindful approach to donating and selling ensures that your unused items find new homes and contribute positively to your community while decluttering your space.

Are There Items That Shouldn’t Be Stored in a Garage?

Yes! For safety reasons, these items should never be stored in your garage:

  • Paint: Extreme cold or hot temperatures can ruin the paint or cause cracks in the can.

  • Propane: A spark could ignite the fumes and cause the propane tank to explode.

  • Paper Goods: Paper products are a magnet for critters such as roaches and mice. They make for a good snack or bedding for these animals.

  • Pet Food: As with paper products, smaller animals such as possums, mice, and rats will be attracted to your pet’s food. It should be kept in a sealed container inside your home to ensure that these animals don’t move in.

  • Pool and Spa Chemicals: The oxidizers and strong acids corrode metal, which is why these chemicals should never be stored in your garage. If it were to accidentally spill or leak out of the container it is stored in, then it could corrode and eat away at your garage door or other metal materials in your garage.

Garage Door Maintenance & Repair Services You Can Trust

We at Quick Tech Garage Door Repair Specialists will stop at nothing to make sure your garage door is operating securely and properly. We are dedicated to offering the best customer service possible and are skilled at identifying issues before they arise. We take preventative steps to strengthen your garage door against typical problems and contribute to its longer lifespan.

Fast Techs Garage Doors carries a wide variety of unique garage doors, roll up gates, garage door hardware and openers. Fast Techs Garage Door opener installation in Scottsdale Arizona is a partner of Liftmaster.

We have a specialized team of fast techs working around the clock on garage door installations, garage door repair automatic openers, garage door tune-up and maintenance for our clients in Scottsdale. Contact us or book online now!


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